Frequent questions

Frequent questions

No, it has to. Upon completion of your first purchase, you will be given the opportunity to register as our customer. When registering, you will be asked for your identification information as well as your billing and shipping addresses. You should be especially careful with these data as they can facilitate deliveries and avoid problems with the transport company.

Once the order has been sent, a maximum delivery time of 24/48 hours is estimated.

Delivery is assured. If you notice a defect upon receipt of the merchandise, you must notify the dealer at the time of delivery on your delivery sheet. If this failure is subsequently observed, you must contact us within the next 72 hours. to file a claim with the transport company. After this period, we will not accept a claim for breakage in the shipment.

Normally it is not necessary to configure the browser to make a purchase. However, if you ever notice that the items you have chosen are not appearing in your shopping cart, you will need to set the appropriate level of security. The configuration options for the level of privacy can be found in the menu of the browser you are using.

Very easy. Go to the page cambio de contraseña. To change your password, you only need to specify your email address.

In order to cancel a purchase, you must contact us by phone (+34 621 053 932). It is important to do so as soon as possible to avoid shipping charges.

All types of returns will be accepted.




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