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Three Forks Pack




Three Forks Pack

The Pack of Three Forks is one of our latest additions. A perfect complement to decorate any hairstyle. Thanks to the differentiated design of its three pieces made of gold metal with details of rhinestones in white tones, it becomes the ideal complement to wear at all times. To use together or separately, give a different touch to your hairstyles, whether it is a party style or if you want to decorate your hair on routine days. The jeweled hairpins are one of the most versatile and elegant accessories that exist when it comes to decorating our hair. You can use them with loose hair, with semi collected or bows.

Caring for the Complement Pack of Three Forks

When it comes to taking care of this type of accessories, you have to be very careful not to spoil them. On the one hand, you have to keep them in the right place so that they do not end up breaking and so that rubbing with other accessories does not spoil them. When cleaning it, you have to choose the right products, since an incorrect product can cause the accessory to lose its original color and spoil.

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