Claudia Blue Dress

Claudia Blue Dress

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Claudia Blue Dress

The Claudia Blue Dress is a midi dress that draws attention due to its spectacular puffed gathered sleeves, a very original way to make a difference in the most special events. It has a crossed V-neckline and a front bow that add a touch of sophistication to the garment. The closure is with a hidden zip in the seam. Its satin fabric makes it a very comfortable garment as well as elegant.

Garment care Claudia Blue Dress

When it comes to caring for this type of garment, you have to be very careful when washing, drying and ironing. It is very important to maintain the quality of the product both in fabrics and in color. You have to follow the instructions on the label to maintain its quality and not spoil.
Drying by hand and not by machine is recommended for these types of garments, since they are delicate garments.
For ironing, follow the instructions on the garment label. In this way, good care of it is ensured.

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